Resident concerned about pedestrian safety in Plumsted

I am looking for some assistance in keeping my children and other children safe from vehicles while the youngsters are crossing the road. We have a constant issue with attempting to cross Evergreen Road in Plumsted Township.

This is a road in our town which runs directly from downtown New Egypt to Route 537. It has three schools, sports and recreation fields, and the township library on it. Coming out of downtown New Egypt the speed limit starts at 25 mph, working up to 40 mph about a quarter-mile from the schools, then ending in about a half-mile at the intersection of Route 537.

The total length of the road is about 1 mile, which makes it hard to understand why the speed limit cannot be reduced to a safer speed. The time savings is minimal between 25 and 40 mph over that short of a distance. At New Egypt High School is a crosswalk to allow people access to the schools, library, the municipal building, and sports and recreation fields. There is no sidewalk from town on the school side, so Evergreen Road must be crossed.

During high vehicle traffic times … it is almost impossible to cross the road. I have seen my children trying to cross the road without vehicles stopping for them at the crosswalk. They have stood there waiting for five to 10 minutes and have even called me on their mobile phones to help them cross. Vehicles coming out/into town must not think about pedestrian traffic due to the higher posted speed limits.

More people are walking nowadays to be environmentally friendly and to conserve fuel, so in some areas speed limits should be reconsidered. Years ago when our town was more rural with limited housing, no schools, and public areas along Evergreen Road, 40 mph was safe. Since the town has developed more, the speed on Evergreen Road has not changed or been upgraded.

Higher traffic volume has definitely caused changes to the immediate area, with traffic lights added at the Evergreen Road and Route 537 intersection and now a traffic light in town. I am asking anyone who is in a position to do so to please consider pedestrian safety and to look into what can be done.

Tim Hagar Plumsted