Jackson residents can use hotline to report problems

JACKSON — Mayor Michael Reina has implemented a mayor’s hotline that is available 24 hours a day to record comments, suggestions or complaints.

“This hotline can be used to call in a variety of issues from complaints such as potholes, clogged storm drains, etc., to any suggestions or thoughts you may have to better service the residents of Jackson without having to wait until the next Township Council meeting. … Phone calls will be returned within 24 hours of the next business day,” Reina said.

Each call will be forwarded to the appropriate township department for action, according to the mayor. During regular business hours, residents may continue to call the appropriate municipal department.

Calls that do not fall under the township’s jurisdiction will be forwarded to the appropriate individual or agency.

The hotline number is 732-928-1200, ext. 376. Residents should note that their message, including their name, address and telephone number, may be public record.