HILLSBOROUGH: School board Rosenberg’s self-imposes term limit

‘We’ve invested wisely in our school,’ he says

To the editor:
   After thoughtful consideration, I have decided to retire from the Board of Education and will not seek re-election in April.
    My reasons for stepping down are many. The concept of a “career politician” is, to me, an oxymoron. I think our democracy would be better served by some form of term limits at all levels, from Congress to the state legislature and the Township Committee. So, for me, six years seems about right.
    In addition, my personal life is edging toward retirement, and I cannot say for certain that I can commit to another three-year term.
    Finally, I am considering volunteering for the president’s re-election campaign, which might not be appropriate if I remained an elected official.
    It’s a fact that New Jersey has the third best schools in the country and Hillsborough schools are in the top 25 percent of all schools in our state. We have accomplished this while still being a state recognized low-cost, low-overhead operation. A top reason given why Hillsborough has been voted a great place to live — twice — has been its great schools.
    I am proud of our very professional and dedicated school administration, teachers and support staff, who do outstanding work every day. We give them our precious children for 12 years and ask nothing less than for the schools to turn our kids into smart, caring citizens. And they do it very well. What job could be more important, more worthy and more valuable to our community?
    We have invested wisely in our schools, and the district is well positioned for the future. It has a very good leadership team in place. The past six years have not been pain-free, by any means, but we’ve stabilized the budget while, at the same time, expanded our curriculum, improved community communications, and infused 21st century learning technology into the classroom.
    But it’s the accomplishments of our students that make me most proud. During my six years on the board, I’ve had the privilege of honoring 3,600 graduates who I believe are well prepared to make our world a better place.
    After our love and protection, what greater gift can we give our children than a good education? With outstanding community support, we have built a great school district that benefits Hillsborough in countless ways. I hope the Board of Education continues to do everything it can to keep it that way.
Marc J. Rosenberg, Ph.D.
Vice President
Board of Education