Liz Lempert for mayor of Princeton

Alison and Anton Lahnston,Princeton
To the editor:
There are several critical leadership qualities required to serve as mayor of our community as it moves through the vital process of consolidation. We are most fortunate that mayoral candidate Liz Lempert meets this rigorous test and indeed exemplifies what is needed – a new generation of leadership.
   A.) Commitment to the consolidated community – Liz has demonstrated a strong commitment over the past several years to working together as one community – a requirement for consolidation leadership.
   B.) Inclusive planning – Liz has excellent planning skills – both short and long term – with all community stakeholders.
   C.) Fiscal responsibility — We have closely watched and worked with Ms. Lempert as liaison to the Finance Advisory Committee in her efforts to both keeping the tax rate flat while at the same time maintaining the high level of community services that Princeton deserves.
   D.) Timely decision-making — Liz has the ability to tackle the endless debates that often immobilize local government and guide the governing body to decisions in an efficient and effective manner.
   E.) Sensible – We find that Liz is informed by the past but not blocked by it. She tempers a strong vision with a focus on the present with practical attention to detail. These five leadership assets provide the foundation for a new generation of governance and partnership.
   As mayor, Liz Lempert will lead us successfully over the next several years to a consolidated Princeton, envisioned by the Consolidation Commission and supported by the voters. We urge you to vote for Liz Lempert.
Alison and Anton Lahnston