MANVILLE: Christ the King school holds first reunion

By Mary Ellen Day, Special Writer
   It has been 37 years since the first class from Christ the King School graduated. On Friday night, Oct. 26, the first alumni reunion was held at the school.
   Sarina Urban, a member of the alumni committee, welcomed the attendees.
   ”We really didn’t what we were going to expect but for the first time and I think this is a great turnout,” she said. “Your presence is truly a sincere testimony for your fondness of Christ the King School and desire to rekindle with your classmates tonight.”
   Ms. Urban read a letter from Christine Benson, the principal of Christ the King School, who could not attend. Ms. Benson told the alumni, “We hope that you will enjoy visiting your wonderful school and taking a peek at your old classrooms. May you leave here tonight with warm, happy and fond memories of your Catholic school years here at Christ the King School. We look forward to future alumni events with you.”
   The night was a chance for classmates — many of which have not been in contact with each other for years — to reminisce. The first class of 1975 had the most attend. Some had not seen each other since they graduated while some kept in touch. The Class of 1975 toured the school to compare it to when it attended.
   The classmates saw the new computer lab, the classrooms and even went to their old classroom and sat at their old desks. The desks that were once so large to them were now so tiny.
   Alumni Patrick Knox left Christ the King School and hasn’t come back until the event.
   ”Never did I ever think that I would be back here again,” he said. “It brought back a lot of good memories, a lot of good laughs and good friends. I wish more people showed up and I hope that we will meet again.”
   Manny Rivera of the Class of 2000 said, “This was a nostalgic experience that brought us back to our youth and it really met a lot to us who came.” The class had six attend.
   There were refreshments, music and tours of the school by current students. Old photographs were on display for graduates to encourage friends to reminisce. Alumni found their class photos and looked through many photo albums, laughing and remembering the good times.
   Prizes were presented to the alumni who traveled the farthest (Pat Knox, Class of 1975), traveled the shortest and the oldest class alumni (Serena Saitta, Class of 1975) and the most recent graduate alumni (Anna Stadtmueller, Class of 2004).
   Paul Lobo, a grandparent of a current CTK student, is the director of the newly founded alumni association. He was pleased with the first alumni event.
   ”I was amazed to see the first graduating class of 1975 so represented,” he said. “They had a lot of fun and they plan to get together again. Everybody was impressed by the beauty of the school and the improvements that have been made since they were students here. We look forward for another reunion and some of the attendees want it to be real soon.”
   There are still many graduates who have not been located and Mr. Lobo wants these graduates to be a part of the Alumni Association. If you know of a Christ the King School graduate from 1975 to 2012 who has not received information from the association, notify [email protected] to give information. The committee is looking for the teachers from those years, too. You can also join them on Facebook at ChristThe King School.