HILLSBOROUGH: Township GOP candidates thank voters

To the editor:
   We want to thank the people of Hillsborough for your support in electing us to the Township Committee on Nov.6.
    It was an honor to be chosen by the voters to lead the community, and we take it as a vote of confidence to continue the job of limiting spending and stabilizing taxes, helping business, preserving open space, opening government to the people, and, in general, governing well.
    We want you to know that we are committed to serve you honestly and to the best of our abilities, and fulfilling our promises to continue to provide a responsive and fiscally responsible government that operates in the best interests of all township residents.
    We hope you will have confidence in us when we say that we will work with the rest of our colleagues on Township Committee to keep Hillsborough on a sound financial footing, develop the best possible recreational master plan for the former Belle Mead GSA Depot, preserve even more open space and farmland and promote business growth.
    To do all this we need your help. So, we ask all the people of Hillsborough to come together for the good of our township, and to follow up your vote with constructive interest and participation in public affairs, to help us continue making Hillsborough one of the best places to live in America.
Carl Suraci
Greg Burchette