Red-light cams little more than cash grab

In response to the Jan. 30 article on red-light cameras, I thought I’d share my experience. I have had the misfortune of receiving a ticket at the Route 1 and Avenel Street light in Woodbridge. I was already in the intersection, driving at the posted highway speed. I received a $120 ticket — a little excessive.

Now, one could debate that I was in the wrong for going through the yellow light. And that could be true. But somehow, by not timing the lights properly, it seems to me that the township has enjoyed a huge windfall at the drivers’ expense. It’s hard to believe they didn’t know about that “little” snafu. Will they refund my money? Offer an apology? I never got one or the other.

So what had this fear of receiving another ticket at one of these lights caused? Yep, you guessed it: I try to never break the law, and have paid the consequences of that action also. I was recently balled out at a light on Woodbridge Center Drive for stopping before the light changed. This driver approached me at the next stopped light. This man was screaming at me. I was very scared. I wonder how many serious injuries from fights will occur because of this?

I think at the next election we should vote out Assemblyman John Wisniewski, a co-sponsor of the bill that created these lights. Does he really believe the motoring public thinks this is only a safety issue and not a money grab also? Millions have been made off of these lights. Where has this revenue gone? To fixing roads? And don’t think for a moment that senior citizens haven’t fallen victim to this scam. They are the largest age group receiving tickets. Gee, go figure. And I don’t believe anyone reading this can ever say they’ve never gone through a yellow or red light.

So here’s my solution: Install some type of countdown. Post it near the light so approaching cars have enough time to stop. As they are now, no one knows when the light will change, so it’s really a crapshoot every time you drive through one. And that’s why the public despises them. Just because it’s a no-point ticket now, don’t believe that will continue. Everybody has their hands in your pocket. And eventually when there is an increase in towns and states getting sued by innocent drivers who are rear-ended obeying the law, government might just change their minds. It’s hard enough to survive in New Jersey in this economy with high unemployment, taxes and gas; now we have the burden of these dreaded lights.

Eventually, every driver will get caught in this big-brother snare, so we all need to band together and let our officials who represent us, the public who put them there, know that we’re not going to put up with this blatant money grab, no matter how they make it appear that it’s for our own good.

Go to the following link to sign the ban sponsored by Sen. Mike Doherty to put an end to these lights: red-light-cameras/tell-thelegislature to-ban-red-light-camer as- in- new- jersey- sign- thepetition/ 11852. Let’s be heard!

Lori Kessell