MANVILLE: Crime Watch program investigated for borough

    Borough Council is investigating if it would be beneficial to establish a Crime Watch program. Mayor Angelo Corradino appointed a committee at the Borough Council meeting last week to look into it.
    “I know over the past year it was discussed about having a Crime Watch program in the borough of Manville. I would like to appoint the committee to see if it is feasible to have that in this borough,” he said.
    The committee of Council President Ed Komoroski as the chair and councilmen Lou Petzinger and Ron Skirkanish will begin their work. The mayor asked that they come back with a report for the first meeting in April to see what actions the council would need to take to establish a program.
    In a Crime Watch, citizens would be encouraged to phone, text or email police when they see activities they believe are suspicious.
    According to Mayor Corradino, this was an issue that he began during his previous term and Councilman Gregor and Skirkanish ran on it last year.
    “It is something that I think we need as the police force doesn’t have the people they should have and I think with the Neighborhood Watch we can really go a long way in helping and assisting the police department,” said Mayor Corradino.
       Some of the issues that the borough wants to address are loitering and littering. Mayor Corradino also noted there are drug transfers going on and he is hoping that someone will see it and report it.