The Second Amendment has no chance of being repealed

There has been much concern by some people lately that somehow the government is coming to take their guns. There is no law that can be written to stop anyone from having a gun — just certain types. It would require an amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which requires both houses of Congress to vote in a two-thirds majority. Then the amendment is sent directly to the states with no presidential involvement. Threefourths of the states have to approve it, namely 37 states. Think about that for a minute and you know it will never, ever happen.

Even the new assault weapon ban that was just passed in New York allows you to keep the assault weapon you have. You just can’t buy a new one or sell yours to someone in New York. I must also clear up something that people keep saying which is not true. Hitler did not take guns away from the German people. There was a time after World War I that German citizens were not allowed to have guns, but later the Weimar government allowed gun ownership with registration in 1928.

There was no German gun law passed in 1935, as some people keep saying. Hitler did pass a law in 1938, which loosened registration requirements — more people were exempt from needing permits, the legal age of possession dropped from 20 to 18 — while simultaneously prohibiting Jews from having guns.

Mind you, by 1938 the Nazis were firmly in power and had the support of most German citizens. Some say that if Jews were allowed to have guns that things would have somehow turned out differently for them in World War II.

Hitler had already convinced the German people that Jews were a threat to Germany. There was no place to hide when your neighbors were turning you in. When a squad of SS officers shows up at your door, you having a gun is just going to mean they will shoot you and your whole family right there. A small minority of Jews with guns would not have been able to stop the Nazis. The French, British and Russian armies combined could not.

Timothy Conway