HILLSBOROUGH: Voting for Reddan assures a candidate Democrats will know

To the editor:
   John Reddan, who is running in the Democratic primary for Township Committee under the slogan “A Better Democrat for Hillsborough,” is now really the ONLY Democrat running for the Township Committee.
   Michael Goldberg, as “chair” of the Democratic Municipal Committee (DMC), issued a press release to the Hillsborough Beacon this past Saturday stating that the Hillsborough Democratic Organization’s candidate, Will Kole, had moved out of town, less than two months after submitting his petition to run. This was done without any notice to many of the members of the Democratic Municipal Committee.
   Mr. Goldberg also announced a new Regular Democratic Organization candidate, again without a meeting of the DMC. Apparently, the chair has selected his own sister to run. Kole’s name will still appear on the primary ballot, as it is legally too late to change, and mail-in votes have already been cast.
   But voting the “Regular” Democratic Organization line means voting for someone who is NOT going to be able to accept the nomination, while having no real assurance as to whom the replacement will be.
   If any true Democrat didn’t have enough reasons to vote for John Reddan, they have them now.
   John is honest and is committed to serving. He knows our town as a 26-year resident who has raised his family here, and he has taken the time to familiarize himself with township operations in Hillsborough. His goal in running has always been to contribute to the betterment of Hillsborough and many active Democrats have stepped up to support his campaign.
   Mr. Reddan has outlined his priorities as those of most in Hillsborough — controlling taxes and traffic, and improving quality of life for our residents and businesses. John ran for Township Committee in 2011 and is a member of the Democratic Municipal Committee, as well as the Hillsborough Democratic Alliance. He participates in Alliance activities, including informative meetings with guest speakers, meet-and-greets with Democratic candidates at all levels, and the Politics Book Club. He is also a member of the township’s Historic Preservation Commission.
   Voters can be assured that, if they cast a vote for John Reddan, they will be casting a vote for an actual candidate who is firmly grounded in Hillsborough and well prepared to serve.
Meryl Bisberg