HILLSBOROUGH: He’ll drive limit, despite tailgating

He’s upset with Amwell Road’s fast drivers

To the editor:
   I drive Amwell Road (Route 514) between Willow and Woods roads several times a day. Many of my fellow users of that road have not noticed that the speed limit in that stretch has been lowered to 35 mph. Perhaps they haven’t noticed that the road is under construction, and that it will be for the next few years.
   They certainly haven’t noticed that the Hillsborough Police department has been enforcing the new limit. I have noticed all of the above, so, although I used to regularly do between 45 and 50 on that piece of road, I now set my cruise between 35 and 38 until I pass Willow Road going west or Woods Road going east.
   This is because, though I admire and support our fine police department, I have no desire for a roadside personal interview regarding my inability to read large orange “Road Work Ahead” signs, or disturbingly small and infrequent, “35 MPH” signs.
   I have made a firm decision to obey the new speed limits for the duration of the construction. I believe the cost in time, for the distance traveled, is less than two minutes.
   I am writing this letter to request support for my decision from those of you who may not, based on your observed reactions, currently agree with it. Extreme tailgating, horn blowing, light flashing and presentation of the single-finger salutation sometimes referred to as the “Jersey bird,” will not result in increased acceleration on my part. Indeed, being a bad person, I have actually been known to drop a mile or two per hour as, I will admit, a wholly unChristian response to a minor provocation.
   As to that rare individual who, knowing that in their specialness the speed limit doesn’t apply to them, and, crossing the double yellow line, zooms past in a cloud or rage and wasted gas, I can only pray that the Hillsborough police department is on alert that day, or, at the least, that the next light is red.
   Red, with two Priuses and a pack of cyclists wearing spandex and entitlement. That’ll fix’em.
Hugh Brennan