NJSOP Launches New Website Dedicated to Consumer Eye and Vision Health

By Katie Van Hise
The New Jersey Society of Optometric Physicians (NJSOP) has unveiled its new consumer-focused website: www.eyecare.org. The site represents the organization’s commitment to providing New Jersey consumers with easily accessible, factual, and valuable information pertaining to eye and vision health as it relates to overall wellbeing beginning in infancy.
Some of the many features of eyecare.org include:
 ·      Immediate access to articles, fact sheets, videos, and optometrist-provided news and blog posts relating to the eye and vision help of infants, toddlers, school children, adults, and seniors;
 ·      A comprehensive Find-A-Doc tool allowing consumers to find an optometric physician in his or her immediate area;
 ·      Streamlined access to NJSOP doctors via the Ask-an-Optometrist tool;
 ·      Eye and vision information broken down by age group;
 ·      Education materials for parents, teachers, and school health providers.
Eyeare.org is the culmination of a year of development and comes on the heels of the American Optometric Association’s 2012 Eye-Q® Survey results, which revealed the majority of consumers (51%) worry most about losing their vision over any other sense or ability.
The site offers advanced support for visitors through an extensive collection of articles, fact sheets, videos, and visual guides. Visitors can also utilize the Eyecare.org Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest pages to become an even larger part of the conversation.
The new website means that parents, coaches, teachers, school nurses, and other caregivers can now benefit from more up to date, tailored, and relevant information as they tend to the eye care and visual needs of those who depend on them.
To visit the NJSOP’s new website for consumers, head to www.eyecare.org.