June 13-20

   All meals are served at noon at Hibernia Apartments in Lambertville. Reservations are required. Call 609-397-2228 24 hours in advance. The value of each meal is $5.10. Any amount donated over this is a tax-deductible contribution. All menus are subject to change and include milk and margarine. The sodium-controlled menu is the same unless otherwise noted.
    June 13 — Grape juice, BBQ chicken leg, hot potato salad, succotash, minced coleslaw, buttermilk biscuit, strawberry shortcake. Puzzle Day.
   June 14 — Blended juice, cheese lasagna with meat and tomato sauce, Italian green beans, garden salad, Italian bread, vanilla ice cream. Summer stories.
   June 15 — Apple juice, egg salad, rye bread, cucumber and onion salad, fresh fruit, glazed cruller, milk.
   June 16 — Pineapple juice, meatloaf, Kaiser roll, romaine and tomato salad, potato salad, lemon bar, milk.
   June 17 — Blended juice, roast turkey breast with gravy, herbed stuffing, peas and pearl onions, pumpkin muffin, cranberry molded salad, red seedless grapes. Walk to the beat.
   June 18 — Orange juice, stuffed cabbage roll, mashed potatoes with chives, carrot coins, sunshine salad, pumpernickel bread, chocolate cupcake. Cards.
   June 19 — Split pea soup, honey glazed pork chop, sweet potatoes and apples, French green beans, lettuce and tomato salad, raisin bread, iced carrot cake. Bring a friend to lunch.
   June 20 — Cranapple juice, lemon chicken, rice pilaf, carrot sticks, romaine and oranges salad, croissant, éclair. Bring and brag.