NJ woman racing against time to save puppy appeals for help

By JerseyGirls AnimalRescue
Shelby was found in the road in Greenville, SC on Saturday, 615. The approx. 12 week old puppy had been hit by a car and was left laying in pain. A mass email was sent to rescue groups across the eastern seaboard; JerseyGirls Animal Rescue immediately called the shelter and accepted responsibility for Shelby’s care so she wouldn’t be in pain for one minute longer than she already had to be. Shelby was evaluated and x-rayed at the Emergency Animal Hospital in Greenville, SC and she has a broken pelvis and a broken femur. She will need an extensive surgery to repair these injuries and a metal plate will be placed in her hip. There are possible injuries on her left side as well, but the doctors will know more when she is under anesthesia. Estimates for her care over the weekend to stabilize her are approximately $1000. Estimates for her surgery are $3500 with the possibility of even $5000 if there are additional injuries found during surgery.
PLEASE help us to get this sweet puppy the care she needs so she can live a normal, happy life. Euthanasia would have cost just a small amount, but we believe in our hearts that little Shelby has a right to live and deserves a chance. We will care for her and ensure her placement in a loving forever home once she has recovered from these injuries.
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