WEST WINDSOR-PLAINSBORO: South memories will live on

Though 406 students from West Windsor-Plainsboro South said goodbye to their high school years on Friday, they did not say goodbye to each other.

By Payal Marathe, Special to the Packet
   Though 406 students from West Windsor-Plainsboro South said goodbye to their high school years on Friday, they did not say goodbye to each other.
   Graduates of the Class of 2013 said they will carry the knowledge, character and relationships they built at South with them moving forward, despite having to leave the school behind.
   Adorned in green and gold robes to match their school colors, seniors reflected fondly on the memories they have created and shared together at Friday morning’s graduation ceremony at the Sun National Bank Center.
   Student speakers mentioned details that have, and will forever unite members of the class of 2013.
   Student Council President Erin McElwee said she has seen “extraordinary” ability in her classmates over the years. She added that she is proud South students consistently support each other, whether at a sports game or during spirit week.
   ”The spirit of our class will continue, even if only as a memory,” Ms. McElwee said.
   Reflections from other Student Council members revealed how the structure of the school gives South students a strong sense of unity.
   The open, no-wall classrooms have their advantages, namely that they create no barriers between the four grades at the high school, secretary Shorya Mantry said.
   Sankavi Rajaram, vice president of the senior class, said graduates should feel “lucky” they went to a school structured for openness and unity. She added that teachers who “bleed green and gold” have prepared seniors to tackle obstacles with spirit and integrity.
   Class historian Shriya Mantry said she has learned a lot not only from her teachers, but from her peers as well.
   Members of the class of 2013 have “moved one another,” motivated each other and formed permanent friendships, she said.
   As graduates prepare to enter the real world, they should not fear losing their South spirit and pride, class President Akshay Thaper said, adding that he admires, respects and loves his South family, especially the “class of lucky 13.”
   The impact that school structure, dedicated faculty and supportive classmates have had on every member of the class of 2013 will not fade, Ms. Rajaram said.
   Principal Dennis Lepold echoed this sentiment.
   ”No matter where life takes you, you will always be a Pirate,” he said.
   Other speakers agreed that with this Pirate spirit comes the potential to excel and contribute to the world.
   Valedictorian Alexander Clifton encouraged his classmates to work collaboratively to identify and solve problems in the world. He added that he is confident members of the class of 2013 have the strength necessary to rise up after defeats and chase success with conviction.
   ”As we enter unfamiliar territory, we will have to look inside ourselves and make the most out of what we know,” Mr. Clifton said.
   The Class of 2013 is more than prepared to handle change, class speaker Jasper Tyan said, telling his fellow graduates not to flinch as they realize that life brings constant change.
   The class of 2013 is High School South’s 38th graduating class.