Fire commissioner needed ASAP

Aladar Komjathy, chairman
Lambertville Board
of Fire Commissioners,
District No. 1
    The Lambertville Fire District Board of Fire Commissioners ensures the provision of firefighting services for the City of Lambertville. The board consists of five duly elected Lambertville residents, who serve three-year terms.
   The unfortunate death of one of the commissioners has created a vacancy on the board. The board seeks to fill the vacancy by accepting resumes from any Lambertville resident who is interested in serving on the board. There is no requirement that you be a firefighter, but you must be a resident of the City of Lambertville.
   The current board members will review the resumes received and appoint an individual to fill the vacancy until the next annual Fire District election. Accordingly, the individual appointed to the vacancy will serve in the position until the first Tuesday in March, 2014 at noon.
   The remaining two years of the three-year term of office will be filled by an individual elected to the tw0-year unexpired term at the Fire District election held on the third Saturday in February 2014.
   Resumes must be submitted to the Board of Fire Commissioners District No. 1 no later than July 13, 2013, by mailing same to P.O Box 174, Lambertville, 08530. The board thanks anyone for their anticipated interest in serving the Fire District.