Young scientists present findings

EDISON — The Lindeneau Elementary School Science Fair had its highest-ever number of student participants this year, with 85 students from third, fourth and fifth grades taking part in the May 31 event.

The purpose of the event — organized by science advisor Stacy Konar, a teacher at the school — was for students to ask questions about their world. Using the scientific process, the students would then experiment, research and find answers.

Students presented a total of 45 projects, with some working with partners or in teams, as real-life scientists do.

The youngsters conducted their scientific research and experiments, and then presented their findings to the public in a variety of ways, using models, displays, PowerPoint presentations and graphs to share their results. Each student also prepared an oral presentation for those who visited the Science Fair.

The project topics, which were chosen by the students, covered a wide range of scientific ideas that incorporated the physical sciences, life sciences and earth systems sciences.

Family members and friends were invited to join in on the fun for this free event. The Edison Township Education Association funded supplies for the student presentations.