MANVILLE: Another Peltack joins law enforcement ranks

New Hillsborough officer is the son of Manville chief

By Kelly Velocci, Packet Media Group
   Christopher Peltack, 24, was sworn Tuesday night as Hillsborough’s newest policeman.
   Mr. Peltack, a long-time Hillsborough resident, said, “This is my dream job.”
   He will receive training at the police academy from July 8 to Dec. 19.
   His father, Mark, is the chief of police in Manville.
   Mr. Peltack attended Immaculata High School and graduated from Marist College in 2011.
   For the past two years Mr. Peltack has worked at the World Finance Center in Manhattan.
   Mr. Peltack will receive a starting salary of $39,600. He was hired in April.
   ”This is where I want to start and end,” Mr. Peltack said.
   The hiring of Mr. Peltack brings the Hillsborough police force to 51 members, according to Lt. Bill Geary. The force is comprised of one chief, one captain, four lieutenants, seven sergeants, six corporals and 31 patrol officers.
   Lt. Geary said the department is looking to fill more positions, as many as four or five.