RINGOES: Boy Scouts get 38 badges at Court of Honor

Troop meets at Kirkpatrick Memorial Presbyterian Church

By John Tredrea, Special Writer
   Formed just two years ago, Ringoes Boy Scout Troop 65 is making great strides, said Frank Veneziale, spokesman for the troop.
   At Troop 65’s recent Court of Honor ceremony, held at Kirkpatrick Memorial Presbyterian Church in Ringoes, Scouts were recognized for the their accomplishments.
   ”We gave out nearly 40 merit badges at the Court of Honor,” Mr. Veneziale said.
   ”Traditions and ceremonies are great motivators of young boys. Making advancement special by having a unique presentation makes scouting more fulfilling. These Court of Honor ceremonies for major advancements and accomplishments are done every quarter,” he said.
   There are six ranks in Boy Scouting, culminating with the Eagle Scout rank. “The first three ranks — Tenderfoot, Second Class and First Class — are a time for the Scouts to learn skills for outdoors, self-sufficiency and citizenship.”
   The most advanced ranks — Star, Life, and Eagle — are earned by completion of merit badges, service efforts and leadership. “As a scout advances in rank, he shifts from being a ‘learner’ to a ‘leader’ and is expected to teach new scouts,” Mr. Veneziale said.
   ”This quarter, we honored our Scouts who have earned ranks, including three who earned Life Scout. Others were honored for service hours over the last few months,” he noted.
   Boy Scout merit badges give Scouts the opportunity to investigate over 120 different areas of knowledge and skills. The merit badge program plays a major role in the scouting advancement program. Each scout can explore topics from American business to woodworking. The only limitations are the ambition of the Scout and availability of adult merit badge counselors to offer instruction. At this Court of Honor, 38 merit badges were awarded.
   The charter organization of Boy Scout Troop 65 is Kirkpatrick Memorial Presbyterian Church. The ceremony was scheduled to take place at Clawson Park, but due to rain the ceremony was held in the church. Family and friends attended to show support for the ongoing efforts of each Scout.
   Troop 65 meets regularly at the Kirkpatrick Memorial Presbyterian Church. Boys 11-17 can join Troop 65 by contacting Scoutmaster Lorenzoni at or 609-558-4923.