HILLSBOROUGH: Resident pleads for 4-way stop

Someone could get killed there, as in 1975, he says

By Kelly Velocci, Packet Media Group
   Thomas Shore’s morning walk around his neighborhood often is interrupted by speeding cars.
   Recently, he said, he had to jump up on the curb as a car came speeding past him.
   Mr. Shore proposed at the Township Committee meeting July 9 making a four-way stop at the intersection of Riverview Terrace and Surrey Drive in a subdivision south of Hillsborough Road in the eastern part of the township near Millstone River Road.
   Mr. Shore wrote a letter to the Township Committee on June 10 explaining his concerns. At the meeting, he asked what action is being taken.
   Mr. Shore said the speeding, coupled with the lack of sidewalks, has been an ongoing issue for decades.
   ”The traffic flies through there. The speed limit is 25 mph, and some people fly through there at ridiculous speeds,” he said.
   A young boy was killed by a speeding car in that area in 1975, he said. Stop signs on the street could have prevented the boy’s death, Mr. Shore said.
   Recently, Township Administrator Anthony Ferrera said the police traffic safety unit is assessing the four-way stop proposal. Captain Paul Merkler said the traffic safety unit is collecting data, surveying the location and analyzing the information.
   Until the traffic safety unit completes its assessment, Mr. Ferrera said, Chief Kaminsky has increased police presence in the area. Speed display trailers also have been set up to enforce the speed limit and display messages asking drivers to “slow down.”
   At the meeting, Mr. Shore said police have been placed in the location before, but it has done little to help the issue.
   Mr. Ferrera said the township needs to ensure any road or sidewalk modifications suggested by the community are beneficial to area residents.
   Mr. Ferrera said Mr. Shore and his wife, Catherine, are the only residents to complain about speeding in the area.
   ”One death is one too many,” Mr. Shore said.