Police charged Jennifer C. Deworth, 24, of Barnegat, of driving while suspended after a motor vehicle stop for an expired inspection sticker July 12.
   The accused was issued summonses for several motor vehicle violations and released without bail.
   On July 9, police charged Charles Eble, 38, of Barnegat, of driving while suspended. Police made the arrest after a motor vehicle stop.
   Mr. Eble was also charged with providing false information. He was released without bail.
   Police responded to reports of a theft July 10 at the Work Out World gym on Route 130.
   According to police, the victim reported that an unknown person had cut the lock off his locker and removed the contents, which included $200 in cash.
   Police said there are no suspects at this time.
   On July 8, police charged Daniel Sullivan, 69, of Windsor, of theft by deception when he allegedly cashed a fraudulent check at the Fulton Bank on Route 130.
   Police said banking representatives reported that the accused had deposited a check in the amount of $4,817.15 and then withdrew the monies from his account.
   Mr. Sullivan was also charged with criminal simulation and released without bail.
   Police charged Travis Hahn, 21, and John Valente, 20, both of Whiting, with heroin possession July 11.
   According to police, Mr. Hahn’s vehicle was observed making an unsafe lane change on I-195. During the traffic stop, patrol observed evidence of narcotics, resulting in a search.
   During the ensuing search, a small quantity of heroin was discovered in addition to drug paraphernalia and a Samurai sword.
   Mr. Hahn was also charged with unlawful possession of a weapon, possession of drug paraphernalia, making an unsafe lane change, having a cracked windshield.
   Mr. Valente was also charged with possession of drug paraphernalia. Both accused were released without bail.
   Police responded to reports of a burglary and theft believed to have occurred during the overnight hours of July 11 and 12 at the Windsor Industrial Park.
   The victim reported an unknown person(s) had broken the window on his work truck and removal tools, which were valued at $500, according police.
   There are no suspects at this time.
   On July 14 police charged two East Windsor men and a third from Monroe with heroin possession.
   Police said the three men were observed in a vehicle obstructing traffic on I-195 east in the area of exit 7. During the ensuing motor vehicle stop, patrol detected evidence of narcotics.
   An ensuing search of the vehicle revealed a small quantity of heroin and hypodermic needles.
   Police charged Steven Stachniuk, 18, and Robert Kroeckel, 20, both of East Windsor, with heroin possession, hypodermic needle possession and having a controlled dangerous substance in a vehicle.
   Mr. Stachniuk was also charged with failing to keep right and obstructing traffic.
   Sean Keating, 37, of Monroe, was charged with possession of heroin and a hypodermic needle.
   All three were released without bail.