Appliance dealer opens store in East Brunswick

I n an age when computers may answer people’s customer service queries, Karl’s Appliance stands out as a destination for a quality customer service experience from a knowledgeable staff, according to company President Dan Schwartz.

Schwartz started working at Karl’s Appliance 24 years after his father and grandfather held the store’s grand opening in 1941. Now, almost 50 years after his first day on the job and more than 70 years since Karl’s opened, Schwartz has assumed the position of president of the appliance company and is thrilled to be opening its sixth location in New Jersey.

His tenure at Karl’s is only one item that speaks to the larger theme of longevity that encompasses nearly every aspect of business at Karl’s — except how long it will take your dishwasher delivery to arrive.

“The most important thing about the company is the people who work here. They are very knowledgeable about the products they sell, and they have, on average, a decade of experience selling appliances,” he said, adding that the average tenure for regular employees at the store is between 15 and 20 years.

The length of service means employees are guaranteed to have the experience necessary to make the customer experience a productive and pleasant one, Schwartz said.

Karl’s Appliance is at 251 Route 18 South, East Brunswick. Stop by or visit the website to see the store’s floor plan.