EAST WINDSOR: Field of Terror celebrates decade of supplying frights

The Field of Terror opened its gate as it begins its 10th season of scaring last Friday night.

By Amy Batista, Special Writer
 EAST WINDSOR — The Field of Terror opened its gate as it begins its 10th season of scaring last Friday night.
   ”We are a family owned business with more than 120 acres that we do this haunted attractions on as well as growing our own vegetables and farming on the side,” said Sharon Kyle, co-owner of the Field of Terror.
   The Field of Terror, located at 831 Windsor-Perrineville Road, began the season with a bang. Fireworks lit up the sky and cornfields on opening night, Sept. 27.
   Another fireworks show is planned for 8:30 p.m. Oct. 13, according to the staff.
   ”Our family started out about 15 years ago doing just a Halloween party,” Ms. Kyle said. “We would be crazy and go through all of this work for like 20 or 30 people and we would make a hayride through the back of my brother and sister’s property. Everybody said you should do this so when we bought this farm in 2003 we decided that we were gonna try it. The first year we just did pumpkin picking and a one night thing through the corn maze that we had cut and then every year since then it’s grown and grown.”
   Field of Terror is open for a total of 19 nights on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays with a couple of Thursdays at the end of the month through Nov. 2.
   Setting up begins around April or May, working an hour or two a night, to get ready for the season ahead. The corn gets planted in early summer.
   Tickets start selling at 7 p.m., and he ticket window closes on Fridays and Saturdays at 11 p.m.. and at 10 p.m. on Thursdays and Sundays.
   Field of Terror features four different terrifying nightmares; the Killer Kornfield, Zombie Attacked Haunted Hayride, Dementia 3D Haunted Barn and the Unknown Barn.
   For those who are less brave, you can hang out in the “safe” area featuring straw bale maze, Family Friendly flashlight corn maze and nighttime pumpkin picking.
   ”We do non-scary events so that families can come out and have fun and not just be scared,” Ms. Kyle said.
   According to Ms. Kyle, the corn maze was the original attraction and they’ve added to it during the years. It is approximately 10-15 acres in size and takes about 25 to 30 minutes to ride through.
   ”The hayride is the least scary of the four attractions,” Ms. Kyle said adding they do it on purpose so it is more family-friendly.
   In the Killer Kornfield, you will be confronted by Farmer Frank’s experiment that has gone wrong.
   Farmer Frank genetically experimented with his super human species. He discarded these failed attempts in the fields where tall stalks of corn now grow.
   Led by the ominous Korn Kreeper, these evil plant-like species roam the Kornfield looking for victims to seek revenge upon, according to its website.
   Marisa Alvarez, 12, of Monroe was celebrating her birthday at the Field of Terror. Her favorite attraction is the maze.
   ”I like going through the buses and the boat that they have from last year,” said Marisa.
   Melissa Araujo, of South Amboy was back for another season.
   ”I like it here,” said Ms. Araujo, adding the corn maze is her favorite attraction as well. The highlight of the attraction is the objects in the middle of the maze that block you, according to Ms. Araujo.
   ”We should’ve done Dementia first but I figured I would just throw him right in,” Ms. Araujo added.
   Farmer Frank, portrayed by Steven Segal, of East Windsor was attending to his guests in the line waiting to enter his cornfield. For Mr. Segal, the highlight is playing Farmer Frank for the last two years.
   ”Their my neighbors and I just love Halloween,” said Mr. Segal. “It’s my favorite holiday of the year.”
   Be careful in the Zombie Attack Haunted Hayride or you might be the night feast for those hungry hitchhikers as you climb aboard the hay wagon and take a ride into Zombie Town.
   According to the legend, when Farmer Frank needed human DNA for his experiments, he killed off members of his local community. Firemen, lumberjacks, police, businessmen and just common folks who fell victim to his evil. He buried them in shallow graves and every fall they rise at dark seeking new friends to join them in their spiritual world.
   Meghann Wright, of New Egypt and her friend Toni Pennock, of Monroe, were trying the ride for the first time this season and said it was their favorite attraction.
   Kevin Reed, of New Egypt, is one of the Zombies featured on the hayride and has worked the Field of Terror for the past nine years.
   ”I come back every year,” said Mr. Reed. For Mr. Reed, the highlight of his night is “hearing the screams.”
   Kerry Alvarez, 15, of Monroe was waiting in line for the attraction with a group of friends.”It was a lot of fun,” said Kerry. “It was scary and I liked it. I thought it was cool how they all got on the hayride.”
   Be on the lookout for those ghouls who will “beg for your company” and assistance to help them escape from inside Dementia 3D, which is the latest attraction and was added three years ago.
   There were many chemicals that Farmer Frank stored in his warehouse now known as Dementia 3D. As you walk the halls of this psychedelic sanctuary you will encounter creatures that have been exposed to the chemicals for far too long and their minds so distorted that they don’t know what is real, according to its website.
   For those choosing the Unknown Barn, choose your path wisely or you may end up right where you began and never find your way out.
   The Unknown Barn is the second biggest attraction following the Killer Kornfield, according to Ms. Kyle.
   ”It’s intense like a haunted house but you see it’s not really a house,” Ms. Kyle said. “There’s walls, things that you have to climb through, there’s things that spin, there’s some crazy places where it kind of dead ends and you’re not sure where to go. That’s why it’s called the Unknown.”
   The evil Farmer Frank conducted his experiments in The Barn now called the Unknown. He stored his innocent victims here, sometimes adults and sometimes even children, some of whom are still locked up today awaiting their fate. As you try to maneuver your way through the confusing hallways watch out for the farmer’s helpers who look to claim more bodies so they can continue his experiments, according to its website.
   Alexis Cherney, 14, of Monroe liked the barn the best.
   ”That one scares me the most,” said Alexis. “When you are walking through the one part that spins around, the Vortex, and you never know what is going to happen.”
   The Field of Terror also features food, DJ and dancing and concessions as well as a bonfire, according to its website.
   ”We try to create a very family oriented atmosphere here,” Ms. Kyle said. “We know that some people are too scared to do the attractions but we don’t charge for people to just come in. They can come in and hang out and listen to the music.”
   Ruby Mitchell, of Trenton, provided physic readings.
   ”I do physic readings, palm readings and tarot cards, specialize in tarot card readings,” said Ms. Mitchell
   Ms. Mitchell has been doing it since she was nine years old calling it a “gift” and everyone on her mother’s side has this ability.
   ”It tells past, present, future,” Ms. Mitchell said. “It’s very accurate.”
   More than 100 staff and actors are employed between the four attractions, concession, and parking.
   ”This is one of the best return rates I have ever had,” Ms. Kyle said. “If you talk to any of the employees here, they will tell you it really is like a family. All these kids call me ‘Mom’.”
   The actors have a little competition amongst each other through the season to compete for awards that are handed out at the end.
   The Field of Terror will be hosting its second annual Zombie Mud Run, a Post-Apocalyptic 5Kobstacle Mud Run swarming with Zombies infected with the living dead virus on Nov. 9.
   ”We love doing this,” Ms. Kyle added. “We do this because we love Halloween. We have always loved Halloween. That’s how it started out. In order to do this, you have to love this.”