President and Congress should not be paid

Howard W. Silbersher, Princeton
To the editor:
During the recent government shutdown, House Speaker Boehner spoke of “fairness.”
   Eight hundred thousand government workers, through no fault of their own, were “furloughed” and not being paid during this experience. The president, the Congress, and the Supreme Court were being paid during this government shutdown.
   Is this fair? I think that some legal document, some law, perhaps a new amendment to the US Constitution, should mandate that during future government shutdowns the president and his staff, the Congress and their staffs, the Supreme Court justices and their staffs, should not be paid.
   They should have to come to work and fulfill their responsibilities, but without pay. And, they should receive no back pay after the shutdown is over and our government re-opens. To me, that is “fair.”
Howard W. Silbersher