Buono, Zipprich support medical marijuana

A s a card-carrying, legal, medical marijuana patient, I am repulsed at the unethical conduct of Assemblywoman Mary Pat Angelini (R-Monmouth) and Gov. Chris Christie toward the medical marijuana community.

Both Assemblywoman Angelini and Gov. Christie have sought to undermine the success of New Jersey’s medical marijuana program and prevent patients from gaining safe access to their legal, doctorrecommended medication through a campaign of red tape and fear mongering.

The Christie administration is even breaking the law to stall the program by failing to file required annual reports for the medical marijuana program close to four years in a row. Without two annual reports being filed, new illnesses cannot be added to the overly restrictive initial list — and that is why the Christie administration won’t file the reports.

Thankfully, there are two great public servants looking to unseat these draconian prohibitionists. Councilman Ed Zipprich of Red Bank is challenging Mary Pat Angelini for her 11th District State Assembly seat. Ed brings an urban, educated and socially tolerant mindset to the race. Zipprich is a strong ally of medical marijuana patients, and we need Ed as an assemblyman in Trenton.

Sen. Barbara Buono of Metuchen is a well-qualified and proven leader. Buono has worked tirelessly for New Jersey’s working families during her time in the state Senate. While Christie has sought to marginalize and violate the rights of patients, Buono has been a solid advocate for medical marijuana and marijuana decriminalization.

Just say “no” to Mary Pat Angelini and Chris Christie being re-elected. Supporters of medical marijuana should vote for Buono for governor and Zipprich for Assembly. Eric Hafner Toms River