Republicans have
strong ticket
To the editor:
   It is on behalf of all the candidates in Column A that I write to you.
   Starting at the top with Gov. Chris Christie, followed by Sen. Peter Inverso (LD 14 Senator candidate), Ron Haas, Steve Cook (both LD 14 Assembly candidates), next in line at the County level, Jose Martinez (Sheriff candidate), Roger Daley, Jordan Rickards, and Bob Jones (all Middlesex County Freeholder candidates) and Dan Mulligan and Tom Connolly both candidates for Cranbury Township Committee.
   For all the years I have been involved in politics, this year in particular, the column is slated with excellent candidates from top to bottom.
   I have had the pleasure of working with every person running in column A.
   Having volunteered, at the Victory office making phone calls to LD 14 constituents, I can honestly say people are excited about the election and have been very supportive.
   It has not been easy being a Republican in New Jersey, in the past, but fortunately we now have a leader with a can do attitude.
   I am thankful to Gov. Christie, especially, for coalescing all the people I have met along the way.
   All our time, effort and passion means something.
   I urge everyone to vote on Nov. 5, polls are open from 6a.m.-8 p.m., consider column A all the way down.
Phylissanne Stehn
Cranbury GOP Municipal Chair
Keep incumbents
on committee
To the editor:
   We urge Cranbury citizens to vote to re-elect Glenn Johnson and Dan Mulligan for Cranbury Township Committee on Nov. 5 at Town Hall.
   Although they are in different political parties, they have worked effectively together and with their fellow committee members to help all Cranbury citizens.
   We believe Glenn and Dan are the best candidates because they have the experience and a proven track record that demonstrate their ability to handle complex problems such as the upcoming COAH regulations that will define our Mt. Laurel housing obligations.
   They have also shown their commitment to preserve farmland and open space, protect our historic village, and keep our taxes low.
   The most important potential issue facing Cranbury is the impact of the future COAH (Council on Affordable Housing) regulations mandated by the recent New Jersey Supreme Court decision.
   Those new regulations will determine Cranbury’s obligations to provide additional low and moderate-income housing.
   Dan and Mayor Johnson have the experience and have been actively involved in dealing with this issue. They can help lead us to effectively manage these future regulations.
   Similarly, Dan and Glenn have helped preserve more than 250 additional acres of farmland over the past three years, which cost Cranbury taxpayers a fraction of the total cost (the state and county paid the vast majority of the cost).
   These efforts continued Cranbury’s tradition of preserving nearly all the farmland west of the village, which not only makes Cranbury unique, but also keeps our taxes low by reducing school costs.
   Dan and Glenn also passed ordinances to implement the new master plan, which is designed to attract clean and prosperous ratables and enhance our downtown businesses and residences.
   Finally, Mayor Johnson and Dan have kept municipal expenditures low during their tenure and maintained the town’s sterling AAA bond rating, which minimizes Cranbury’s borrowing costs.
   Indeed, under Dan and Glenn’s leadership, Cranbury has the lowest municipal tax rate in the 38 towns in Mercer and Middlesex counties.
   Let’s re-elect Glenn and Dan to continue that sound, prescient, fiscally conservative stewardship of our town.
   We applaud all four candidates — Tom Connolly, Joe Buonavolonta, Glenn Johnson and Dan Mulligan — for taking the time to run for the Township Committee.
   That commitment is the essence of our democracy and gives voters a choice in this election.
   Whether, or not, you agree with our recommendations, please vote on Nov. 5.
Joan and Tom Weidner
Johnson and Mulligan
should be returned
To the editor:
   Many of you know me as a local businessman and longtime resident of Cranbury who has previously severed on the Cranbury Township Committee.
   This year I would like to recommend Dan Mulligan and Glenn Johnson for re-election to the Cranbury committee.
   During the last three years, Dan and Glenn have both been instrumental in creating a business friendly environment in Cranbury by working to add parking, reducing unneeded costs to businesses, rezoning property in need of redevelopment, and by letting business know Cranbury Township is here to work with them, and not against them.
   Dan and Glenn have also worked to help make changes to our township professionals which has helped to improve the overall quality of the service we receive as residents as well as help to reduce unneeded costs.
   These are just some of the reasons why I believe Dan Mulligan and Glenn Johnson have served Cranbury well and why I see no reason to change the committee’s membership.
   I ask you to vote for Dan Mulligan and Glenn Johnson on Nov. 5 of this year.
Art Hasselbach
No reason to
change members
To the editor:
   Glen Johnson and Dan Mulligan are running for re-election.
   Both deserve a second term in office.
   Cranbury is better now than it has ever been.
   The village is becoming an active center for community life. Restaurants and stores are open evenings and sidewalks are busy with people shopping, eating, and strolling.
   The Township Committee, with Mr. Johnson and Mr. Mulligan, has supported and promoted this village vitality by removing fees for outdoor restaurant seating, adding parking spaces and approving the new Farmers Market.
   The committee has put in place measures that will make Cranbury even better.
   It has sought and obtained outside funding for needed improvement projects that will begin in the next few months.
   These include a grant from the New Jersey Department of Transportation for upgrades to sidewalks, lighting, and pedestrian safety in the village, another for completion of the sidewalks on Old Trenton Road, a grant from Green Acres for preservation of farmland on Plainsboro Road, and funding from Middlesex County to share the cost of repairing and upgrading the dam and surrounding infrastructure.
   Cranbury has been kept in good fiscal shape under the current committee.
   In spite of the recession, the municipal tax rate has been stable for the past three years, with no change at all from last year to this year.
   Both candidates have demonstrated strong personal commitment to public service.
   Mr. Johnson, the mayor this year, has treated the position as a full time job, being available day and evening on weekdays and weekends to meet people in his office and informally on the sidewalks.
   Mr. Mulligan has been proactive in constituent service, which was strikingly evident to Bobbie and me during the last flood when he came at his own initiative in the middle of the night to help our neighbors and us move furniture.
   Cranbury can expect to be well served by Mr. Johnson and Mr. Mulligan continuing on the committee.
   There is no reason to change the Township Committee membership.
Frank Marlowe
Legion commander
asks for ‘yes’ vote
To the editor:
   I am sure that many of you have been to a veterans organization post at some time, possibly for a family party, a wedding reception, a fund raising dinner, or to honor our veterans at a Veterans Day service.
   With that in mind, I ask you to help those post homes stay in business by voting yes for Ballot Question Number 1 on Election Day, Nov. 5. Many of these organizations, like local American Legion posts, are living from fundraiser to fundraiser, with little extra cash put away for a rainy day, so if a fire or hurricane destroys the building, reconstructing can be insurmountable. With many of these structures 50 to 60 years old, even paying for upkeep can be a strain. The challenges of insufficient funds could cause some of these organizations to fold, taking away from the community a vital partner, supporter and community center.
   Ballot Question Number 1 asks you, the voter, to approve a constitutional amendment which will allow veterans organizations to use the net proceeds from games of chance to give them greater financial flexibility to pay their bills, something already permitted for senior citizen organizations.
   Passage will not cost the taxpayer anything, but it will enable their local veterans organization to continue to provide the invaluable services that their community has come to depend upon. They include sponsoring Boy and Girl Scout troops, sending local students to Boys & Girls State, enhancing education in the schools with a patriotic coloring contest, safety essay contest and an oratorical contest on the Constitution, supporting Hiring Our Heroes job fairs, events at veterans homes and aiding local veterans or our troops.
   This is a vital piece of legislation for the viability of many of our veterans’ posts. The closure of a post would have a rippling negative effect throughout the community with the loss of programs, services and events that residents have come to expect. We ask the citizens of New Jersey to support us by voting yes on Public Question Number 1 on Election Day.
Jim Amos
State Commander
American Legion
Trenton 