Speed limit in residential areas should be 25

Carolyn Barnshaw, Princeton
To the editor:
Now that the borough and township have merged into one Princeton, it is time for Princeton Council to review speed limits. Most Princeton residential streets are zoned at 25 mph, but there are some exceptions.
   Terhune Road is a road with three speed zones — 25 mph, 30 mph and 35 mph. The section of Terhune Road between Harrison Street and Van Dyke Road is a residential area. The speed limit here is 30 mph and 35 mph. The high speed traffic on Terhune creates a barrier for many to walk to destinations in the neighborhood which include Littlebrook School, the Princeton Charter School, Grover Park, Smoyer Park and the Princeton Shopping Center.
   Many safe street advocacy groups, including the National Complete Streets Coalition, Walk Boston, and Keep Kids Alive Drive 25, support speed limits no higher than 25 mph in residential areas. Children in a neighborhood should be able to walk to school and to parks. Pedestrians of all ages and abilities should be able to safely walk in their neighborhood.
   Speed reduction results in a dramatic decrease in pedestrian fatalities. According to the National Complete Streets Coalition, if a pedestrian is hit by a car, at 40 mph 80% will die, at 30 mph 40% will die, at 20 mph 5% will die.
   Complete Streets are defined as roads designed to include pedestrians and bicyclists, as well as motorists. Complete Streets help build healthy, strong and vital communities. Please support 25 mph speed limits for residential streets in Princeton.
Carolyn Barnshaw