Metuchen Democrats hold onto council seats


METUCHEN — The two incumbent Democrats were reelected to their seats on the Borough Council, both winning their second three-year term on the governing body in the Nov. 5 election.

“I feel very excited,” Councilwoman Dorothy Rasmussen said just after hearing she won along with her running mate, Councilman Jim Wallace.

“It was a lot of hard work,” she continued. “A lot of people had something to do with our success. It was a team effort.”

It was also a somewhat close race, with Rasmussen coming out on top, garnering 2,318 votes in the unofficial post-election tally. Wallace received 2,281 votes.

Republican candidate William Waldron was 16 votes behind Wallace, receiving 2,265. Walter Zjawin, his running mate, received 2,025 votes.

The count remains unofficial, and absentee ballots have yet to be tallied.

The Republican candidates were preparing to head over and congratulate the winners shortly after the results came in.

“I think we ran an excellent race,” Zjawin said. “We came very close. It’s up to the voters to decide, and they made that decision.”

Waldron noted that more voters turned out this year than in the previous several years.

“The Metuchen voters are engaged in the issues,” he said. “It was a good turnout, and the debate in Metuchen continues.”

Zjawin wished the best for borough residents, and said it’s possible that he would make a bid for the council in the future.

“I’ll continue to contribute behind the scenes, but I will not run again,” Waldron said.

Rasmussen and Wallace both said they look forward to seeing the Pearl Street development take shape over the next three years.

“I believe that’s really going to enhance this town,” Wallace said of the project.

Rasmussen said the extension of the Middlesex Greenway is another priority going forward.

“We’re going together to do these things,” Wallace said, adding that it was a relief to have prevailed. “You’re always nervous when you’re in this position.”

Rasmussen agreed, but said they were optimistic throughout the campaign.

“I think we were confident because I feel that we’ve done a good job the past three years,” she said.