MANVILLE: GOP trio urged all to ‘work with us to enact reforms’

To the editor:
   Having won the election on Nov. 5, we want to say we are honored to once again serve the citizens of the 16th Legislative District, which includes Hillsborough and Manville in Somerset County.
   Campaigning throughout the district for the past five months provided the perfect opportunity to share a vision — a positive, solutions-oriented vision focused on the issues important to each of the communities in the district.
   We remain committed to providing honest, independent, principled, determined and bipartisan leadership. We remain committed to reforms that make our state government more efficient. We remain committed to addressing New Jersey’s property tax crisis.
   Nothing serves the public good more than an involved citizenry.
   We therefore ask that local elected officials and citizens at large join us in working together to develop, promote, and enact reforms that keep New Jersey moving in the right direction.
Christopher ‘Kip’ Bateman
State senator
Jack M. Ciattarelli
Donna Simon