MANVILLE: Vornlocker, Star leave health board

Resignations received Monday night by council

By Mary Ellen Day, Special Writer
   Two longtime Board of Health members have resigned, effective immediately.
   Board of Health President Susan Star and Vice President Sandra Vornlocker both submitted resignation letters dated Nov. 4 and Nov. 1, respectively.
   Borough Council received the letters Monday night.
   Ms. Star’s letter stated she was going back to school to pursue her master’s degree and would not have the time to devote to the committee. Ms. Star was a member of the Board of Health for seven years and served as president for a few years.
   ”I hope that the Board of Health continues to make positive strides to address health concerns and educate the community with the continued guidance of the Somerset County Health Department. It has been an honor and pleasure to serve my community,” Ms. Star said.
   Ms. Vornlocker said she resigned due to health reasons and did not elaborate.
   Councilwoman Susan Asher said, “I would like to thank them personally for their service on the Board of Health. I know it is a voluntary position on and I know Sue has been the president for many years. After reading their resignation letters, I feel better as to why they resigning. On behalf of the council I would like to say thank you for your services.”