Hardworking team brings home a championship

Melissa Emde, Hamilton
   I am writing this to congratulate the 2013 UNDEFEATED Hamilton Pop Warner Junior Pee Wee Football Team as they have just won the New Jersey State Championship, 39-12.
   I wanted to shine a spotlight on this group of 21 hardworking 10- and 11-year-old boys that have gone through an amazing football season. These boys have been working hard since the very first day of practice and are true warriors when they are on the field. Like warriors who go into battle, our boys have bonded and become brothers on and off the field.
   To the Revolution boys:
You boys are amazing. Enjoy what you have truly earned. Remember that you worked very hard and deserve all that you have received. You will always have this and no one can ever take it away from you. You will look back on this season one day and remember what a long road it was to travel to becoming state champs.
   My parents have always said that with everything we do in life, there is always a lesson to learn. So the lesson here, boys, is that hard work, dedication, sacrifice and commitment will always pay off in the end. Take this life lesson and carry it with you always and you will always be successful in all that you do.
   Thank you to reporter, Mark Fontes, creator of You have made our boys feel great about their accomplishments.
   A special thank you to retired New York Giant Jessie Armstead and Hamilton Mayor Kelly Yaede for taking time out of their schedules to come in person to wish our boys well in their pursuit for the state championship title.
   To the dedicated, wonderful coaches — thank you for all your time, effort, love and respect for the boys.
   Congratulations Coach Keith, Coach Ryan, Coach Ed, Coach Joel, Coach Louie and Coach Rick.
   And our boys — Anthony Ippolito, No. 94; Eddie Emde, No. 27; Arise Ceide, No. 63; Ezio Bocchini, No. 58; Brandon Muir, No. 22; Giovanni Guzman, No. 86; Bryan Hoffman, No. 77; Joshua Morrison, 92; Cameron Severin, No. 7; Kevin Santana, No. 75; Chase Cronce, No. 90; Louis Pasculli, No. 99; Christopher Cronce, No. 11; Makhi Stokes, No. 31; Cole Lederman, No. 55; Naszir Isabell, No. 30; Davien Vernon, No. 10; Quasim Maine, No. 18; Dedrian Perkins, No. 44; Rickey Spruill, No. 36; Trent Kounelias, No. 1.
Proud parent and huge fan,
Melissa Emde
GO BLUE!!! 