MANVILLE: VFW Ladies Auxiliary national leader visits

She greets 100 at VFW hall, and is given a county proclamation

By Mary Ellen Day, Special Writer
   The VFW Post 2290 Ladies Auxiliary welcomed the national president of the Ladies Auxiliary to the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Armithea “Sissy” Borel of Louisiana, on Thursday, Nov. 14.
   She attended a meet-and-greet reception at the VFW Post 2290.
   More than 100 attended from all over the state. State President Deborah McLendon traveled with Ms. Borel to get the word out about the VFW and its Ladies Auxiliary on the local, state and national levels.
   This was the first time that a national ladies auxiliary president had come to Manville. Ms. Borel began her two-day visit by visiting the veterans in Paramus and in Vineland. She covered North Jersey, South Jersey and finished up in Central Jersey at Post 2290.
   Before the meet-and-greet began, Ms. Borel and Ms. McLendon talked about the visit.
   "I asked them when I travel to make sure that I get to visit some vets and see how the vets are being taken care of. I am always just amazed how well our veterans are being taken take of. I don’t get to choose these places; the president of the state does," said Ms. Borel.
   Ms. McLendon explained why she chose Manville for this visit.
   "I figured Manville was the best place to come as a centralized area where we could have as many members and veterans down to see our president and to talk with her have a nice dinner and relax."
   "I am hoping to get the members out, as we have so many ladies in this organization who have worked so hard every day," Ms. Borel said. "They may not be serving the auxiliary as officers but that doesn’t mean that they are not a very important part of this. I like to think of these visits as an opportunity for me to get to see them and say hello to them."
   Ms. McLendon agreed.
   "The members are the most important part of our organization because without them, we can do nothing," she said. "They are the hard workers. They are the ones out in the community and they mean a lot to me as a state president and to a national president. Without them, we could not have done what we do get done. Sometimes I don’t even know how we get it done but we do."
   Ms. Borel left Manville on Thursday night and headed the next morning to Illinois. From there it was on to South Carolina and North Carolina before getting home in time for Thanksgiving. After Thanksgiving, she plans to be off to California and will be in Hawaii for the Pearl Harbor remembrance ceremonies. Ms. Borel had come from Washington, D.C., where she participated in Veterans Day services and placed wreaths at the Tomb of The Unknown Soldier and at the Vietnam wall.
   Ms. Borel is proud of the organization she leads.
   "Our organization is 100 years old and it wouldn’t have lasted this long if it weren’t for the women who started it, the women who work it and continue every day working it," she said. "I want you to contact someone if you are not a member. We could use your help."
   "I think that traveling yesterday and today that she (Ms. Borel) has gotten to see that we do pull together and work. Our veterans are primarily our top priority and they mean everything. We can’t do enough for them. We had a wonderful, wonderful two days," said Ms. McLendon.
   Thursday’s event gave the local Ladies Auxiliary members a chance to meet their national president. Post 2290 Ladies Auxiliary President Joyce Tanalski and District 15 President Cindy Dilts were in attendance. Members of the Borough Council also came out to meet Ms. Borel. A few proclamations were presented to Ms. Borel.
   Council President Ed Komoroski spoke on behalf of Mayor Angelo Corradino and council members Sue Asher, Mark Gregor and Steve Szabo, who all attended.
   "We welcome you "Sissy" along with the enlisted the men and women here tonight it is an honor and a privilege to have you here," he said. "This VFW has always been a safe haven and an inspiration to all residents of Manville. Manville would not be the same without you."
   "We all know that behind any good man is a strong, dependable and loving woman," he said. "They offer the structure that is needed. In my eyes they are the moms of the military. Sometimes a duty or chore goes unrecognized, unappreciated or thankless. The women of this post have banded together for many years and they have built a home for anyone who came through these doors. Living in Manville we have had to deal with numerous floods over the past 15 years. No matter what the circumstances may these moms are always be here to open the doors and open their hearts."