National Radon Awareness Month informs you about the radon gas threat, and how to eliminate it

By 1888PressRelease
1888PressRelease – Most people are unaware of what radon gas really is, and how it can threaten your health. Because so many people are unaware, National Radon Awareness Month was created. It is a dedicated month of informing people about the threats of radon gas.
The EPA designates January as National Radon Awareness Month because radon is responsible for an estimated 20,000 lung cancer deaths annually. Radon is an odorless and colorless radioactive gas, and can only be detected with a test. Radon is produced when uranium naturally decays in soils and typically enters building structures through holes and cracks in the foundation. 
Take action during National Radon Awareness Month:
Get your home tested: if you have never tested for radon in your home before, National Radon Awareness Month is a great time to start. 
Attend National Radon Awareness Month events occurring your community or the surrounding area: during January 2014, there are a lot of opportunities to learn about radon, how to test, how to make others aware, and how to solve the problem. Not only are the events informative, but they will also provide the necessary tools to keep your home safe for years.
Keep Others Informed: by spreading the word about the upcoming National Radon Awareness Month, not only will you be helping keep your home safe, but you will be safeguarding the health of your peers. Talk about this often because, if they can’t smell it, they have no idea the problem exists.
Purchase a Radon-Resistant Home: For those who have plans to purchase a new home, January 2014’s National Radon Awareness Month is an excellent opportunity to learn about radon resistant building materials. 
During National Radon Awareness Month, you will learn many facts about radon such as winter is the most dangerous time of year because homes are closed up for so long. You will also learn that the problem is easily fixed by sealing up cracks, patching holes, and installing a ventilation pipe.
National Radon Awareness Month will also teach lessons about testing for radon, such as long-term and short-term testing. Even if test results show low levels, the EPA recommends that repeat testing occur in the future. This information, as well as a wealth of other pertinent facts, is delivered during National Radon Awareness Month events. For those who are not comfortable with independent testing during National Radon Awareness Month, the EPA has a list of qualified testers on their website.
For those who are interested in planning their own January 2014 National Radon Awareness Month events, there are many tools available on epa.gov: Printable January National Radon Awareness Month Event Planning Kit. Use the list of "Partners" links to plan National Radon Awareness Month activities, find National Radon Awareness Month near you, and to share National Radon Awareness Month events already booked. Receive consumer information about National Radon Awareness Month facts, publications, and success stories.
National Radon Awareness Month is an excellent opportunity to education yourself about keeping your home healthy. This is also a great opportunity to educate others in your community about National Radon Awareness Month, what it means for their health, homes, and in older buildings. It does not hurt to be extra cautious during National Radon Awareness Month, especially if you know any smokers because they are at a higher risk for lung cancer.