BORDENTOWN TOWNSHIP: Second annual Turkey Trot raises funds for fireworks

A different kind of turkey could be seen “trotting” through the local neighborhood the Saturday before Thanksgiving as the Foundation for Bordentown Traditions held the second a

by Amy Batista, Special Writer
BORDENTOWN TOWNSHIP — A different kind of turkey could be seen “trotting” through the local neighborhood the Saturday before Thanksgiving as the Foundation for Bordentown Traditions held the second annual Turkey Trot.
   Participants included several township and city residents as well as those coming from neighboring communities include Hamilton, Chesterfield and Robbinsville, according to event organizers.
   In an email, Katy McGowan, trustee of the foundation, said the event was to raise funds to showcase the town while raising funds for July fireworks.
   ”We wanted a fall event to continue to raise money to keep the fireworks in Bordentown and last year when the Bike Trail was new, it was a great way to show people the new trail,” Ms. McGowan said.
   The run started at the corner of Fern Lane and Charles Bossert and ended at the Joseph Lawrence Park on Ward Ave in Bordentown and incorporated some of the township’s streets and bike path.
   It was estimated that over 400 people attended the event including the Bordentown Township Police Department, Public Works, and Parks & Recreation Committee, officials said.
   ”Their support for this event has been amazing and couldn’t continue without their support,” Ms. McGowan said, adding that just over 200 people registered last year.
   ”We doubled in size in one year,” she said.
   Around $5,000 was raised and is being used for the July 2014 fireworks, officials said.
   Lori Varga, of Chesterfield, participated in the Turkey Trot with both her sons, Matthew, 8, and Anthony, 11, for the first time.
   ”We enjoyed the run and plan to run again next year,” Ms. Varga said. “It was fun to see so many people running with turkey hats and even a few costumes.”
   Also marking the first trot were five off-duty members of Bordentown Township Fire District # 2 Firemen’s Mutual Benevolent Association Local 112.
   ”All members ran in full turn-out gear including air packs, which added an additional 50 pounds, to demonstrate to the public the fitness required to effectively perform our job, and to help support Bordentown Traditions with their goals,” said Lt. Gregory Swanson, FMBA president in an email on Dec. 1. “Firefighters nationwide compete in events like this all year to promote physical fitness and help build teamwork within the ranks.
   ”The biggest highlight of competing in this race was the overwhelming support we received during the entire race, especially with the spectators and other runners we received when the members crossed the finish line,” Lt. Swanson added. “We will be building a team in the future to compete in this event and others.”
   Tom Eng, of Robbinsville, who has enjoyed running all types of races said he liked the event due to its neighborly feel.
   ”What’s great about local races is that many people that I know usually show up and I get to see everyone,” said Mr. Eng. “It’s like a reunion. I think the Bordentown 5k Turkey Trot will grow in size each year and do well. People from neighboring towns like Chesterfield, Hamilton, Robbinsville, etc. will come out.
   ”The course was easy to follow and the turnout was very good,” he added.
   It was also the first time for Lori Nasatka, of Bordentown Township, who found the race more meaningful than others may have.
   ”It was my first 5K ever and a goal of mine since I reached my weight-loss goal of a 110 pounds,” said Ms. Nasatka, who noted the path of the race went through her neighborhood.
   Melanie Horahan, of Chesterfield, participated with her sister and like many others it was her first time participating and ran dressed as turkeys.
   ”It was a good event, and we would participate again,” said Ms. Horahan. “It was especially great to see other people getting into the theme and wearing costumes, hats.”
   While the trot was last event of the year for the foundation its efforts can still be supported by purchasing a Christmas Ornament that features Old City Hall.
   Ornaments are $15 and can be purchased at the Old City Hall Train Show, The Hob, Roma Bank, or during the Holiday House Tour in Bordentown City.