Keeping the word Christmas at this time

James P. Mahlmann, Princeton Junction
To the editor:
It is wonderful to see all the beautiful sign of Christmas: houses decorated, trees all lit up, people buying gifts and stores all decorated to bring in customers.
   Many people have employment at Christmas time. Some need it to help them buy gifts and other need it to buy food to feed their families for Christmas. This is what Christmas is all about.
   Giving, especially to those less fortunate who may not even be able to afford a true Christmas dinner or even a small present for their children.
   How many people realize that we have this special day of giving because a little baby named Jesus was born. What would we have today if that baby had never been born? What is the answer to that question?
   People of all religions and races benefit from the birth of that baby, not just Christians. The birth of that baby named Jesus has changed the world. Yet many people refuse to recognize this fact, and many will discriminate against the word Christmas.
   Many TV programs, newspapers, ads, stores that you shop in will discriminate against the word Christmas.
   That is sad. Christmas did not start with Santa Clause everybody knows that, except perhaps many children. How has Christmas affected your life, family or job? This time of the year business are booming and many people are making a lot of money. What would you celebrate if that baby Jesus had not been born?
   Merry Christmas to all who believe, or have benefited from Christmas.
James P. Mahlmann
Princeton Junction 