Ghotit Dyslexia Software Demonstrates 25% Improvement in 2013

By 1888PressRelease
1888 Press Release – During 2013 Ghotit has developed and implemented several new ground breaking algorithms that resulted in dramatic correction rates improvements. Analysis performed on the data demonstrated a 25% improvement in text correction rate.
Ghotit offers a writing assistive technology for dyslexics. Text correction rates are defined as the correct spelling or grammar correction suggestion compared to the overall spelling or grammar mistakes written by the user.
The algorithm improvements focused on the following areas:
• Optimized spelling correction algorithms for misused words. Misused words are actual words that are written out of context of the text being written. Ghotit algorithms use context based word analysis to determine if a written word is in or out of context of the written sentence.
• Optimized punctuation algorithms. The optimized algorithms correctly identify "fused" or running sentences and also alerts when a comma is misplaced in a sentence.
• Word prediction with newly added grammar awareness. Ghotit’s word prediction now also takes in to account grammar awareness, making sure the suggested word fits in the sentences not only contextually but also from a grammatical perspective.
Dr. Robert Iakobashvili Ghotit’s CTO and co-founder explains: "During 2013, Ghotit developed technologies and algorithms originating from various disciplines including Natural Language Processing (NLP) and non-NLP disciplines. Based on a novel approach that applies hidden Markov models, Ghotit was able to make the NLP and non-NLP algorithms work together. The result of these efforts is an increase of 25% of Ghotit’s correction rate."
Mr. Ofer Chermesh Ghotit’s CEO and co-founder adds: "These detection optimizations have been introduced in all of Ghotit’s Real Writer and Reader products, including the Windows & Macintosh desktop versions, and the Windows tablet version. These enhanced algorithms further position Ghotit as the number one writing and reading assistant solution for people with dyslexia, dysgraphia and other learning disabilities."
Ghotit first launched its only free online web service in 2009. Since then, Ghotit has released multiple products targeting Windows and Macintosh desktop and laptop users, and recently has entered the tablet world with a solution for Windows tablet. Ghotit writing assistant solution has been adopted over the years by tens of thousands of dyslexic users and many schools, universities and training centers worldwide.
Though initially designed for people with dyslexia, Ghotit has demonstrated success for people with other writing and reading difficulties such as people who use English as their Second Language (ESL) and English Language Learners (ELL), enabling them to move to mainstream English Writing.
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