By Bev Bennett CTW Features

With every bite you give yourself a thumbs-up for eating foods designed to boost your nutrition.You’re getting more fiber, more protein, less fat or more vitamins and minerals because you’re eating certain ingredients touted for their health benefits.

But before you get too selfcongratulatory, take a second look.

Some products with a “health halo” aren’t as beneficial as their reputations suggest. Skip the hype, say nutrition experts, and use sensible criteria to make the most healthful choices when food shopping and menu planning.

“It’s really important when shopping to look beyond the labels manufacturers are allowed to put on products,” says Dr. Natalie Digate Muth, registered dietitian and nutrition consultant for the American Council on Exercise (ACE).

Check the product’s ingredient list and Nutrition Facts panel, says Dr. Muth, who works in the San Diego area.

To help you make smart choices, take a look at five foods that may challenge your assumptions.