SOUTH BRUNSWICK: Local man’s beard wins third place

For bearded Kendall Park resident Christopher Porrovecchio, “it has been a 27-month journey” full of recognition for his unique hobby.

By Ed Birch, Special Writer
For bearded Kendall Park resident Christopher Porrovecchio, “it has been a 27-month journey” full of recognition for his unique hobby.
   ”I was inspired by the cable television show ‘Whisker Wars’ to allow my beard to grow, and grow, and grow,” he said.
   The razor has become a tool of the past for the local husband and father of four.
   Just last week, Mr. Porrovecchio ventured into the Irving Plaza Exhibition Hall in Manhattan to compete in the fourth Annual New York City Beard and Moustache Competition.
   Mr. Porrovecchio placed third in the Full Beard Longer than One Foot category while Vic Martinson of Pittman, New Jersey was the overall winner in that category.
   Mr. Porrovecchio is also a member of the Garden State Beard and Moustache Society, headquartered in Springfield.
   His beard, at present, has been measured at 13 inches long, measured from the bottom lip.
   ”I just thought that the beard would be a neat thing to try, Mr. Porrovecchio said. “I have never left my beard go so long without shaving. I just wanted to see what this would look like.”
   He has also attended competitions out of state as well and said his family stands behind him, although some may not understand his hobby.
   ”Mostly everybody in our extended family has been supportive,” he said. “My immediate family has always been behind me. Other members of the family just shake their heads when I approach them. Not everybody understands my hobby.”
   ”There are no bigger supporters of this feat than wife Nancy, sons Adam and Danny, and daughters Caroline and Regina,” he said.Mr. Porrovecchio points out that there are so many funny stories about the time growing the beard that “there are just too many to mention at this time.”
   He recently attempted to contact State Theatre in New Brunswick to audition to act as the Master of Ceremonies to introduce rock and roll band Z.Z. Top at its recent New Jersety appearance.
   That attempt failed, unfortunately.
   Mr. Porrovecchio said he is proud to have entered past competitions in 12 different states across the country.
   Among the future plans for the local data analyst include an appearance on Jan. 25 in Asbury Park and entry into the National Competition in Portland, Oregon in September 2014.
   The beard’s length could lead many in the area to wonder if he will be taking on a “secret mssion” at the end of this month.
   Rumor has it that this pilgrimage will be originating in the North Pole and ending at a lot of local Christmas trees and fire places.
   Only time will tell.
   His only requirement is gaining a couple hundred pounds and donning a big red suit.
   Everything else is in place.