THUMBS UP to the South Brunswick Stars Mites hockey team for sporting fake mustaches and raising awareness for the fight against cancer.
   Besides playing games, the team spent the month of October to raise money for the breast Cancer Resource Center at the Princeton YWCA.
   The team collected $248, showing a spirit of community that speaks well of all the team members.
   Team Manager Amy Vadola said the group is already planning to top this year’s effort next October.
   THUMBS UP to the Indian Health Camp for once again offering free mammograms to woman whom are over 40 and have no insurance.
   Dr. Tushar Patel said that a previous screening served some 30 people and three people were found to have conditions that needed immediate attention.
   These potentially life-saving screenings are vital to give people developing breast cancer a fighting chance for survival.
   THUMBS UP to the CrossFit Primeval Gym, the Hellrazors roller derby team, South Brunswick High School students and many other groups and individuals for helping support the South Brunswick Food Pantry during the holidays.
   The food pantry has withstood a huge increase in demand during the last few years, and the community continues to raise the bar in helping to support those in the community that are in need.
   Mayor Frank Gambatese often mentions how caring a community the township is and how it actively tries to help neighbors that are in trouble.
   This sense of community makes the township special and demonstrates the best in human nature.
   It is also a reminder that we are all in this together and the people we help today maybe the hand we find ourselves needing to take tomorrow.