The Ever-Pressing Need for Young Drivers and Technicians

By 1888PressRelease
1888PressRelease – A new NationaLease blog explores the concern many carriers are expressing about the increasingly troublesome shortage of qualified drivers and technicians.
In a recent blog, Jane Clark, Vice President of Member Services for NationaLease, one of the largest full service truck leasing organizations, discusses how a shortage of young drivers and technicians can imperil the trucking industry. The blog was based on the latest American Trucking Association survey of 4,000 trucking executives which listed the shortage of drivers as the third biggest concern for the future. Clark discusses two articles that confirm the survey’s findings.
One of the articles she cites, "Why No One Wants to Drive a Truck Anymore," finds that more than 330,000 new drivers will be needed by the year 2020, and that new federal regulations and the normal stresses of the job, not many young people are looking to truck driving as a career.
What Clark found even more interesting was that this was not a North American issue only. Citing another article, "Germany Wants More Truck Drivers," she found that many countries in the EU are also suffering from this issue. Problems for Germany are exacerbated by even stricter regulations than those in the U.S. and by poorer EU countries willing to flout local regulations to undercut pricing.
In the blog, Clark also acknowledges that along with the worsening shortage of drivers is a severe shortage of diesel technicians. She lists Department of Labor statistics that indicate there will be a need for 205,000 additional technicians by the end of 2014, a number unlikely to be achieved. Says Clark, "Andy Stopka, our Vice President of Maintenance, feels a big part of the problem is the misperception regarding the job and the industry, and that what’s needed is better education about the realities and benefits of the job. I couldn’t agree more."
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