Mayor’s storm response subpar

During last week’s snowstorm and the cleanup afterward, New York City’s new mayor, Bill DeBlasio, took some harsh criticism from New Yorkers for not cleaning up Park Avenue in lieu of the outer boroughs.

Now look at Edison’s pitiful response to the storm: major streets lightly plowed remain — even as of today — slippery and dangerous, and the side streets are worse. If our new mayor thought that he was elected as a figurehead and didn’t have to pay attention to the details, he was wrong. Leaving piles of snow at the side-street corners was definitely a callous move. There should have been more attention paid to the icing under the snow with salt and/or sand spread to make the streets safer. My street, Merker Drive, is always a mess and there is no reason for this to occur time and again.

I think that our resources need to be better distributed for our townspeople’s safety. Bruce Papkin