Criminals never agree to play by the rules

I write in response to Kevin O’Brien’s recent letter to the editor. Mr. O’Brien applauded the proposed law to reduce magazine capacity from 15 rounds to 10. This viewpoint is well-intentioned but not openly, thoroughly considered.

On the surface, magazine reduction may seem beneficial, but in fact these laws only limit the capacity of law-abiding citizens. Criminals often have access to larger capacity magazines that are not legal in New Jersey.

This reduction in capacity negatively impacts potential victims’ ability to defend themselves and survive. What this law does is enable criminals to more easily out-gun civilians. Criminals are known to resort to superior numbers or any advantage they can get.

It has been demonstrated that, with practice, determined people may reduce reload time to nearly instant. The criminal is likely to obsessively train in quick reloading because it is critical to the success of their crime. Criminals are also more likely to be calm in a confrontation, as most civilians have never been put in a violent, life-ordeath situation.

Unfortunately, what this law does is waste taxpayer dollars and ban many common peacetime firearms such as .22LR target pistols and fixed magazine rifles. If this law is passed, many citizens will instantly become felons. Meanwhile, criminals often possess illegal firearms that give them the advantage.

This law can only cost lives. It is reprehensible, irresponsible and unconscionable to reduce the legal magazine capacity.

“I’d better obey the magazine capacity law while I commit this homicide/robbery,” said no criminal ever.

Daniel G. Swiatek
Millstone Township