NJAR introducing new look, new brand, new name

The New Jersey Association of Realtors has undergone a rebranding, and is rolling out its new look, new brand and new name, New Jersey Realtors.

“I’m proud to announce that our organization has a new name and a new logo! Moving forward, we will be called ‘New Jersey Realtors,’ which puts the focus on the people who are the heartbeat of our organization, rather than the organization itself. Nationwide, this is a trend we’re seeing other boards adopt, and our Board of Directors felt it was appropriate for New Jersey, too,” said Cindy L. Marsh-Tichy, 2014 president of New Jersey Realtors.

To accompany the new name, there is also a new logo that conveys both the residential and commercial aspects of the real estate market.

The branding changes are being made at the same time that the headquarters are being prepared to move geographically to the state capital.

The cost of rebranding will be minimal. The logo and new name will gradually be rolled out to a newly designed website and marketing materials, and there will be a celebration launch at Triple Play in December.

“All of these actions are positioning us to be a forward-thinking organization, viewed as the voice for real estate in New Jersey,” Marsh-Tichy added.

For more information, visit www.njar.com.