Nigeria: The Economy And Military Super Power

By 1888pressrelease
1888 PressRelease – The evolving economic and political dynamic in Africa and the role Nigeria now plays.
In the past several weeks there have been numerous reports via and through the media suggesting that Nigeria has surpassed South Africa to become the most super Economy Power in Africa! Such media reporting appears to be authentic on the basis that albeit South Africa has been a/the leading African economy for a while, most medias appear to now agree amidst a substantiated and demonstrated general African Economy of growth which has been moving forward, will subsequently create a good economy challenged only by competing continents of which such competition the African countries will be willing and able to participate with.
The Economical and Political aspect should also be considered with the question being asked – Are the African nations really changing economically for the better or just the review of the accounting policy???.
Regarding the economic aspect, although there is a willingness to believe in this prosperous news, there still needs to be an exploring of how this could occur when in the previous three years there was no change on the economy status or economic indicators. The African nations appear to be developing and retailing huge elements of their natural resources but with little or no investment in to their own domestic employment based economies or infrastructures. The African countries are generating wealth and GDP at the expense of no investment into their own economic and or welfare needs such as water, healthcare and education. Externally, such governmental activity does not honor the country with any economic prowess or respect. In real terms the only thing that appears to be changing is the Treasury accounting policy and not the human rights consideration of the people whom reside in such naturally wealthy resourced jurisdictions.
In real terms Nigeria is probably not the only country to take such an approach to "creative accounting". A review of governmental accounting books is obviously taking place in several other African countries also in addition to many developed western world countries also. This method and use of financial manipulation, is adopted in many countries when and before the approach of a general election to "beef" up the government balance sheet.
On the political aspect Nigeria is one of countries within Africa that has produced political leaders for not only Nigeria but all of Africa. Nigeria has exported its culture, music, sports and many issues to the rest of the world. Nigeria should be looking for Leadership but not a President to lead this great nation to its own destiny and also Africa’s destiny.
When the French government did their first nuclear text in the Algeria desert, Nigeria was part of the leading group of countries in Africa to highly protest against General De Gaulle Government. The Gerboise Bleue was four times as powerful as the bomb dropped on Hiroshima. Due to a legal case brought by veterans of France’s nuclear tests, expert Bruno Barillot tells Le Parisien that "the norms at the time were a lot less strict than today". The document also admits that dangerous levels of iodine-131 and caesium-137 were found in Chad’s capital, N’Djamena, as well as Arak, near Tamanrasset in southern Algeria. According to the newspaper le Parisien and the expert Mr. Bruno Barillot "Everybody knows today that these radioactive elements cause cancers or cardio-vascular diseases,"
Former Nigeria Government under the Presidency of General Gown, the Former Nigeria President had strongly protested against General De Gaulle’s Government, this protestation had irritated the former French Government, to the extent the French would encourage, involve, support and arm the Biafra war, which killed several millions of Nigerian people. During that war there was new arms testing that resulted and still this day continues to harm people. Nigeria, the most densely populated country in Africa has been a key player in leading West African Forces in Liberia, Sierra Leone and the Ivory Coast Crisis and recently Mali also.
Nigeria has the ability to exercise its economic strengths during its military occupations. The temporary Government in charge of the country’s affairs during these times was enacting several illicit trades or commerce agreements and albeit under the embargo was very lucrative. The governments under embargo still had privileged relations with their homologues in Africa and also in the westerner’s world. These relations had encouraged the illicit trade/commerce under the embargo in exchange for arms to continue their wars. The consequences of such were several hundreds of thousands of deaths and millions of displaced people with shortage of water, food supplies and diseases. All these situations involving warlords and allies in Africa and Westerner’s world were aware of these criminals’ activities and subsequently enjoyed the war crime privileges!
During the aforementioned war process, the International Court in The Hague filed charges against the Former leaders and wanted them to be extradited to The Hague. The election in Liberia and the ex-president Charles Taylor is exiled in Nigeria. Africa’s biggest country and the West African largest economy and Military Force were capable of turning that International Court request down and demonstrate Nigeria’s regional or Africa leadership and determined the Former President of Liberia will be judged in Nigeria, West Africa or in one of the African countries. It remains to be seen what the implication will be of court requests and arms dealings and accusations.
Former President Charles Taylor needs to face his responsibility but this war would not have continued without the involvement of certain people and government arms manufacturer’s etc but he appears to be the only one who is getting punished. On the basis of current dealings, the question of How Africa is going to be respected is of paramount importance. During said war there were several United Nations employees and or military persons whom were involved in the arms trades and the supplying arms.
During the Ivorian presidential election dispute, Nigeria immediately took sides with one of the contenders. This situation created several thousands of deaths, disappearances, infrastructures demolished and a costly rebuilding program with the need for costly loans to the country in mention. No one knows why a simple Presidential election could create such animosity between the same nation of people whom have been living together in peace for many years, grew together, went to the same schools, universities and played sports together?
In the Ivorian Election, if you put aside who won the election and focus on the issue of if it is possible for a United Nations employee to have the power to declare a presidential election winner of the country? What happened to law and Constitution?? How did such a thing occur? The Ivory Coast is located in West Africa, which country would you think had the better jurisdiction and super power to solve the problem? Surely Nigeria!!! No!!. During the process Nigeria become an extension of the NATO forces with threats to other political challengers. Nigeria made the statement!!-Our military is ready to come to the Ivory Coast and remove the challenger. In simple form Nigeria didn’t take the opportunity to show his leadership through this Ivorian crisis. They failed to let the two presidential contenders sit and work through the process and reach a compromise. It appears that the Great Country of Nigeria was receiving orders and requests from other developed countries in the region and elsewhere to allow the Ivory Coast to become destabilized. This begs the question-which country is going to be the next elected by United Nations? Maybe Nigeria!! Maybe a recount of Ivorian Presidential election votes would be appropriate??
Former President of Liberia Charles Taylor (West Africa) was sent to The Hague, for Presidential Election issues another former President of Ivory Coast was sent to The Hague under the Military leadership and guidance of Nigeria! It is very sad and sorrowful to see such a great nation become an economic puppet. If the Ivory Coast could not judge the former President of Ivory Coast why should anyone? This appears to be global and UN overreach!! West Africa needs to stand firm and handle their affairs appropriately and respectfully.
In addition to the above, the Boko Haram situation has made Nigeria Government weaker than ever. It is very sad to read in the media and news papers how many people die per day due to issues relative to the Boko Haram situation and the most recent of the young girls being abducted is the absolute sign of sovereign weakness; the parents are emotionally destroyed and the government doesn’t have a solution! Are these girls still in Nigeria? Do they benefit from other country’s supports? For the security of the people and eradication of this group why does Nigeria not decide to close the borders and mobilize a manhunt until the group is eradicated? Who is financing them? Why could Nigeria not ask assistance of other countries in West Africa, such as Ghana, Senegal, Benin, Togo or Angola, South Africa, Egypt, Algeria etc?
Nigeria the Great economy and military power in West Africa is asking for the United Nations to come and rescue it by fighting Boko Haram! This shows that Nigeria is not the Nigeria it used to be? There is potential for this recent event to explode into an experience like no crisis before the United Nations has been involved with, potentially much worse than their earlier involvement (Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Central African Republic, Sudan, Etc.) It will be a huge mistake that if there is such involvement this Boko Haram crisis. This will create a problem for all the West and Central Africa; it could turn into an irreversible mess of human loss and economic catastrophe. The Former President of Ghana Honorable Gerry Rawlings has expressly protested against this idea to let the United Nations be involved with this affair.
It appears that Nigeria is on a quest for third party leadership and not a Presidential leader. With the appointment of the appropriate captain and the subsequent steering of the economic and political giant Nigerian ship to hand, Nigeria and the other West African countries and the rest of Africa, could be an immense economic and political might that could content for continental economic supremacy. At this moment in time Nigeria and West Africa are at a loss to find their identity.
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