Chili challenge comes to Howell

HOWELL — Veteran and rookie chefs will have an opportunity to showcase their culinary skills at Chef Barret’s second annual Charity Chili Challenge to benefit the We’re Kickin’ It campaign against bullying.

The challenge will take place on Aug. 2 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Voyagers Community School, 321 West Farms Road, Howell.

The event will feature an afternoon of activities including martial arts, yoga and culinary demonstrations.

The chili challenge is being presented by the We’re Kickin’ It campaign. The campaign focuses on rejecting bullying behavior, creating positive change in youths, and conducting programs with children that work on how to treat one another fairly, according to the organization’s website.

Celebrity chefs at the challenge will include Chef Anton and Chef Jessica from “Hell’s Kitchen” Season 12, Chef Barret, Chef Jackie, Chef Amanda and Chef Cyndi from “Hell’s Kitchen” Season 11, “Hell’s Kitchen” Blue Team Sous Chef James Avery and “Hell’s Kitchen” Season 9 runner up Will Lustberg.

Other celebrity guests will include Food Network star and “Cutthroat Kitchen” winner Rob Burmeister, barbecue pitmaster chef Glenn Gross and kickboxing champion Nassim Young Dragon.

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