Music Festival will help fire victims

The Amwell Valley Music Festival — an all-day celebration of the music, arts, food and beverage of central New Jersey — will be held Sept. 13 from 4-11:30 p.m. at the Hillsborough Golf and Country Club, 146 Wertsville Road, Hillsborough Township.
Founded by a group of friends who grew up in the region and who are now engaged in social entrepreneurship as young adults, the Amwell Valley Music Festival is focused on "bringing great arts and entertainment to the region and providing meaningful contributions to needs within the greater Amwell Valley community."
In 2014, 10 percent of festival proceeds will benefit the victims of the fire at Peacock’s Country Store, Ringoes.
Late Feb. 28, 2014, this Lindbergh Road (East Amwell) landmark and cornerstone of the community was destroyed in a fire that consumed not only the store, but 10 apartments as well.
The portion of proceeds donated from the festival "will go directly to the victims of the fire," said a spokesman.
"There’s a real need for a showcase of new music and the liveliest arts in the Garden State," said Barton Thompson, event director.
"The Amwell Valley Music Festival represents the very best of New Jersey in spirit: locally-grown music, food, arts and philanthropy, presented right here in central NJ for a reasonable price."
Full information and a schedule of performances are forthcoming.
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