Jackson school board thanks parents groups for support

Three recent fundraising and support efforts from parents groups were praised by the Jackson School District Board of Education on Sept. 17.

Board member Marvin Krakower recognized the parent-teacher networks (PTN) of the Crawford-Rodriguez Elementary School, the Elms Elementary School and the Switlik Elementary School for donations that were made to the district during the summer.

“As a parent, I always appreciated these volunteers, but as board members, we know firsthand the full scope of how these men and women affect our students’ lives in every school throughout the district,” Krakower said.

According to district officials, the Crawford Rodriguez PTN raised and donated $20,000 for new classroom books.

Krakower said the group raised the money over a number of years, collecting donations from members and events along the way. He said district administrators were extremely grateful for their efforts.

“They were just so pleased to be able to do something so significant for the kids,” he said. At Elms, $4,500 was donated by the PTN to help facilitate the purchase of 15 Chromebook computers for use in the classroom.

“These Chromebooks help our teachers integrate technology into the classroom and help engage students in the learning process,” Krakower said.

He said the Switlik PTN raised and donated $22,000 for the school to purchase a Promethean board for second grade and advanced math classes.

Promethean boards are Internet-enabled whiteboards that allow teachers and students to display and interact with information in a more streamlined manner.

Board members thanked all of the district’s parents organizations for their assistance.

Krakower said the efforts of those groups is valuable to the school district.

“In the face of tight budgets, our parent groups have been asked to do more over the years and they have risen to the occasion,” he said. “They do not do it for glory or for praise. They do it for our kids.”

— Andrew Martins