SMART Carpet and Flooring announces NCSA membership, celebrates Customer Service Week

A s of Sept. 5, SMART Carpet and Flooring ( is an official member of the National Customer Service Association. NCSA membership is one more testament to the company’s enduring commitment to superior customer service.

This week — Oct. 5-11 — also marks the beginning of National Customer Service Week, a chance to boost morale and redouble efforts to deliver superior service to all customers. Customer Service Week is an ideal time for organizations to raise awareness among employees regarding the importance of service; likewise, companies like SMART Carpet with a strong service orientation can remind customers that satisfaction is their primary objective.

“We take immense pride in the service we offer to all customers. Our NCSA membership will enable SMART Carpet and Flooring to continue making improvements to the customer experience,” explained President Brendan Phillips. “Association membership will help us set ambitious new benchmarks in customer service.”

SMART Carpet and Flooring has, from its founding, made customer service one of the pillars of its operations. The entire business model, in fact, has been developed with superior customer service as a guiding principle. By saving shoppers from the frustration of browsing an immense, harshly lit showroom, SMART Carpet proves that it values peoples’ time and wants to help buyers choose the perfect flooring for their home or office.

Excellence in customer service is an ongoing process rather than a discrete task; no organization that truly prioritizes their service is content to rest on its laurels. Upon completion of every project, SMART Carpet and Flooring asks customers to provide a full and honest review of the company’s services. This enables the team to track in real time whether the company is living up to its promises. Likewise, customer feedback enables continual improvement of SMART Carpet’s business practices. The customer service department immediately follows up on constructive criticism of any aspect of the business.

SMART Carpet and Flooring seeks to provide dedicated, professional customer service at every stage of the transaction, from first encounter to final installation. All members of the team participate in training and instruction to foster a customer first attitude.

To that end, the NCSA provides a wealth of proven tools and information to help members achieve excellence in their customer relationships. Products and services include customer survey materials, professional development and training, management consulting and marketing collateral. Membership in NCSA demonstrates that an organization has prioritized building trust and loyalty among its customers.

The value of SMART Carpet’s customer service commitment is demonstrated by the company’s remarkable sales metrics. To date, SMART Carpet has helped more than 150,000 customers select new carpet and flooring for their homes and businesses. In the process, the company has installed nearly 100 million square feet of material.

On top of winning customer service, SMART Carpet is equally known for its warranty program. All residential carpets come with a lifetime installation warranty. Because humidity and temperature fluctuations will affect how a carpet lays, the installation team will re-stretch carpets, including stairs, for as long as the customer owns the home. Wood, vinyl and laminate flooring each come with a oneyear installation warranty.

About SMART Carpet and Flooring

SMART Carpet’s system is simple: everything is done at your home, where color and quality selection matter most. Expert measuring is completed before choosing from the thousands of styles and colors that are available.

Because SMART Carpet is a “Mill-Direct” buying service and not a store, customers can save up to 50 percent off typical store prices. Almost everything is included with SMART Carpet, from the measuring and layout to the quality padding.

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