Taxpayer association endorses Spedding

Our choice for mayor of Jackson is Bill Spedding. We had the opportunity to talk with Bill at his home for over two hours.

We both agree the majority of residents are tired of the many property tax increases under our current administration, and something has to be done to repair the disconnect our current leadership has demonstrated for not representing residents’ interests.

Bill mentioned how committed he is to applying his knowledge as the retired Public Works Department head of Jersey City, where he was in charge of 600 employees, and applying what he has learned for the benefit of the residents of Jackson.

Several other initiatives were also mentioned should Mr. Spedding get elected:

 Tighten the variance application process to restrict the building of private schools in our residential neighborhoods that provide no benefit to the community, similar to what our neighbors have accomplished and our current leadership has refused to do.  Actually focus on reducing costs by eliminating a considerable amount of waste in our local government, something our current leadership has promised but never accomplished.

 Reverse the township’s reputation as a very nonfriendly business town.

We were left with the impression that Mr. Spedding is an honest, caring resident who has exhibited a great deal of integrity, something we also find lacking in our current administration.

With a leadership change desperately needed, we are endorsing Bill Spedding for mayor of Jackson and recommend that residents consider voting for him at election time.

Raymond Cattonar
Jackson Taxpayer Association