PAGING PDS: This fall 1960s fashions make a return

By Jacquelyn Hart
Fall’s leaves mean fall fashion, soon to grace the halls of PDS. And this year it is definitely not going to disappoint.
The 1960s are back, and in a good way. On the runway, Valentino and Gucci have been showing miniskirts reminiscent of the "Mad Men" era. Knee-high boots are also becoming more popular, offsetting the skirt’s length. Thought knits and turtlenecks were out? Think again! Designers like Stella McCartney and Marc Jacobs are showing knits of all shapes and sizes, even offering knit pants. For the days when you need comfort and warmth, throw on an oversized sweater like those seen on the runways of Alexander McQueen and Céline. Making another appearance this season are the Fair Isle prints, which translate into sweaters or socks worn by many PDS students.
Designers dare to be bold this season, breaking out the reds and even the pastels once deemed fitting only for the warmer months. Dolce & Gabana, Pradam, Prada, and Sacai all showed reds in their collections, and Gucci and Miu Miu have pastels in theirs. One no longer has to go to astronomy class to feel "far out," as space is taking over the runways, and is also a popular print at a PDS favorite, Urban Outfitters.
Some of these trends have also crossed over into the mens wear sector, such as patterned knits, shearling, and turtlenecks. Expect to see sweatpants, such as those shown on the runways of J. Crew and Band of Outsiders, being integrated into men’s wardrobes, but in a sporty way with blazers, jackets, and trendy footwear. Of course, flannels, a PDS staple, are in. Looking to upgrade an old classic? Try pairing it with leather. "Flannels are coming back in a big way," says Katie Sanderson, Junior and Co-Head of the new PDS Lookbook Club.
Students will be sporting trends of all sorts this season. Brands like J. Crew, Urban Outfitters, American Apparel, Ralph Lauren, Abercrombie and Fitch, and Vineyard Vines have been popular at PDS in the past, and are sure to be worn this season as well. The reason Urban Outfitters has become so popular in our halls is perhaps that the store now has a branch right here in Princeton, says junior Sophie Freedman. Sanderson also noted the correlation between the stores located in Princeton and the brands students are choosing to wear. According to Junior Devon Riley, the men of PDS also shop in stores like J. Crew, Brooks Brothers, and Jack Wills, all of which call Princeton home.
Bean Boots, scarves, leggings, Hunter Boots, and sweaters were popular staples last year, and we can expect to see them again. I love sweater and scarves, says Freedman, adding, "I think the people at PDS are very well dressed . . . that’s something I really like about our school; people respect what they wear."
Riley notes that this season brings more long sleeve apparel and darker autumn colors, as well as a move towards khakis, corduroys, and jeans in mens wear. It is Sperry’s and high socks for men’s footwear, adds Riley. "You don’t see boots that much, just yet, but we are seeing the descending trend of flip flops."
As for PDS fashion itself, the Junior student observes that PDS-themed apparel is popular, but "nice button downs, khakis,
Polos" are also common among male students. However, he thinks that that PDS fashion is also casual. There are a percentage of students who just wear plain t-shirts and nice pants or Sperry’s, but such a trend is "not very casual compared to
Androgynous clothing, especially in female fashion, is in style, with brands like American Apparel offering unisex lines, says Sanderson.
"PDS kids want to be original with their fashion, we don’t want to . . . look like every other person," she said. She adds that people at PDS care what they look like and want to be noticed for their fashion. As for the formation of the new PDS Lookbook Club, Sanderson explains: "PDS is very fashionable as a school . . . we are looking for people who take that extra step."
On the heels of Fashion Week, there is no lack of fashionable inspiration, and PDS students are not afraid to try that new trend or look to the fashion-filled media for ideas. My parting words are these: think oversized, cozy, and preppy, with a hint of vintage.
Jacquelyn Hart is a junior at Princeton Day School.